Special Statement on COVID-19 Impact on Children

“As we all practice social distancing during this unprecedented global health crisis, our hearts and minds are with the vulnerable children who are now separated from their schools and the social support systems that help protect them from abuse and neglect. Now more than ever, they and their families, need our help during this time of extreme stress and uncertainty.  Help us continue fighting child abuse with a donation to Help For Children.  Together, despite the challenges that lie ahead as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus, we can make the world a safer place for children. “

-        Renee Skolaski, Executive Director & CEO, Help For Children

Help For Children Denver was founded in 2005 by Matt Anderson.  Their inaugural gala was held in 2006 and this benefit, joined now by an annual golf tournament, has enjoyed growing support from the local alternative assets community. To date the Denver branch has distributed over $810,000 in 43 grants to benefit the local Denver community.

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  • Denver Committee of Hearts
    • Ryan Kipp, Chair, Mercer;
    • Dan Mohrbacher, Chair, RSM;
    • Christopher Anderson, Aether Investment Partners;
    • Michael Gilman, MG Stover & Co.;
    • Chris Jones, PINE Advisor Solutions;
    • Scott Kitchens, Cole-Frieman & Mallon;
    • Josh Love, Crestone ;
    • Al Lowry, KPMG;
    • Candace Mantelli, RSM;
    • Bill Miller, Hamilton Miller;
    • Jeff Owen, MG Stover & Co.;
    • Wayne Pigott, CoBiz Bank;
    • Tim Roth, BDO;
    • Alexis Shirley, KPMG;
    • Jason Sibley, RSM;
    • Matthew Stover, MG Stover & Co.;
    • Mark Weakley, Bryan Cave;
    • Lizzy Wente, MG Stover & Co.;
  • Denver Grants Committee
      • Ryan Kipp, Mercer;
      • Al Lowry, KPMG;
      • Bill Miller, Hamilton Miller;
      • Matthew Stover, MG Stover & Co.;

    Front Range Center for Assault Prevention

    USD $10,000

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