New York

Special Statement on COVID-19 Impact on Children

“As we all practice social distancing during this unprecedented global health crisis, our hearts and minds are with the vulnerable children who are now separated from their schools and the social support systems that help protect them from abuse and neglect. Now more than ever, they and their families, need our help during this time of extreme stress and uncertainty.  Help us continue fighting child abuse with a donation to Help For Children.  Together, despite the challenges that lie ahead as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus, we can make the world a safer place for children. “

-        Renee Skolaski, Executive Director & CEO, Help For Children

Begun in 1998, Help For Children New York was the first branch of HFC.  With the active support of the alternative asset community , HFC New York has distributed over $20 million in 532 grants. 

New York grant making is  actively supported by our dedicated group of volunteers. The Committee of Hearts holds an eagerly anticipated Benefit each year. New York also hosts HFC Rocks, our annual rock concert. In 2016, we launched the HFC New York Poker Tournament, which is a lively and exciting night for all. Our New York Golf Committee has a yearly golf tournament that is always a great outing. The New York Young Professionals Committee is a robust group supporters and champions of the HFC mission.  

In 2018, with the formation of Private Equity Cares New York, the New York branch will extend its reach across the broader alternative investment community, increasing our ability to provide support to those organizations committed to the protection and healing of children in need. 

Help. Enjoy. Connect.

Sponsors & Benefactors


  • New York Committee of Hearts
      • Alan Alzfan, RSM US LLP;
      • Dean Backer, Goldman Sachs;
      • Wendy Beer, Wells Fargo;
      • Matthew Belcher, KPMG;
      • Bruce Berger, Atlantic Investment Management;
      • Gary Berger, KPMG;
      • Claudia Bertolino, Citco;
      • Gina Biondo, PwC;
      • Jonathan Bohrer, Abacus Group;
      • Arleen Buckley, PEI Media;
      • Maria Lamari-Burden, PwC;
      • Wendy Cohen, Katten Muchin Rosenman;
      • Glen Dailey;
      • Rob Davis, McAlinden Research Partners;
      • Natalie Deak Jaros, Ernst & Young;
      • Alexis Dufresne, Solomon Page;
      • Joe Fisher, Deloitte;
      • Kara Friedenberg, PwC;
      • Nate Goodman, Citco;
      • Meir Grossman, Seward & Kissel;
      • Jason Grunfeld, Kleinberg Kaplan;
      • Alice Hackett, LCH Clearnet;
      • Mikael Johnson, KPMG;
      • Evan Katz, Crawford Ventures;
      • William Keunen;
      • Madeyn Lando, Wells Fargo;
      • Mark LaVoie, Prosek;
      • Donald MacNeal;
      • Leo Miranda, Deloitte;
      • Melissa Miro, EisnerAmper;
      • David Mulle, Seward & Kissel;
      • David Nissenbaum, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP;
      • Michael Oates, KPMG;
      • Bonni Pactor, SS&C GlobeOp;
      • Vinod Paul, Align;
      • Jay Peller, Citco;
      • Nick Perros, Citco;
      • Joel Press, Press Management;
      • David Racich, Ernst & Young;
      • Jeffrey Rosen, Citco;
      • Bill Salus, Paddock Consultancy;
      • Michael Scanlon, Silverleaf Partners;
      • Erin Shea, Ernst & Young;
      • Emily Slocum, GQR;
      • Will Taggart, PwC;
      • Michael Tannenbaum, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse;
      • John Tavss, Seward & Kissel;
      • Zach Weiss, Apollo Management;
      • Scott Zimmerman, Ernst & Young;
    • New York Young Professionals Committee
        • Rebecca Alexander;
        • John Auerbach;
        • Jason Barocas;
        • JoLynn Barone;
        • Greer Beauregard;
        • Andrea Bennett;
        • Lincoln Berger;
        • Michael Bond;
        • Charwin Embuscado;
        • Julie Ruderman;
        • Andrew Fair;
        • Larry Florio;
        • Elina Geller;
        • Jennifer Gregory;
        • Greg Herman;
        • Paul Herman;
        • Jessica Hickman;
        • David Kanfer;
        • Carolyn Kim;
        • Alex Lane;
        • Tiana Lautato;
        • Mark LaVoie;
        • JR Lederer;
        • Amy McAneny;
        • Sarah McDonnell;
        • Kimmy Mhanna;
        • Melissa Miro;
        • Jamie Pabst;
        • Anthony Patti;
        • Dora Pulido;
        • Ashley Pullen;
        • Kaitlin Reedy;
        • Pete Riccio;
        • Jena Roche;
        • Brooke Sakaria;
        • Rob Sands;
        • Jesse Schraft;
        • Claire Traugott;
        • Jennifer Tung;
        • Alex Urdea;
        • Eric Vaheb;
        • Stephanie Van Hassel;
        • Elena Vukmir;
        • Zach Weiss;
        • Bridget Wright;
      • New York Poker Committee
          • John Araneo , Align;
          • Barry Goodman, WeiserMazars;
          • Nate Goodman , Citco;
        • New York Grants Committee
          • Ted Dougherty, Chair, Deloitte;
          • Will Taggart, Chair, PwC;
          • Carolyn Kim Allwin, Impact Capital Forum;
          • Chris Zaback, D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P.;
          • Don Previti, DVP Partners, LLC;
          • Eric Roper, Law Offices of Eric R. Roper PC;
          • Kara Friedenberg, PwC;
          • Kaycee Darby, Context Summits;
          • Maria Lamari-Burden, PwC;
          • Meir Grossman, Seward & Kissel;
          • Robert Van Grover, Seward & Kissel;
          • Scott Grossnickle, PwC;
          • Tom Haug, Aspen Tree, LLC;
          • William Keunen, Citco Fund Services;

        The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services

        USD $50,000

        The New York Foundling

        USD $25,000

        The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

        USD $30,000

        Blythedale Children’s Hospital

        USD $50,000

        The Child Center of New York

        USD $25,000

        Westchester Medical Center Foundation

        USD $50,000

        Children’s Museum of the Arts

        USD $20,000

        Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of New York

        USD $40,000

        Leading Global Sponsors

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