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Special Statement on COVID-19 Impact on Children

“As we all practice social distancing during this unprecedented global health crisis, our hearts and minds are with the vulnerable children who are now separated from their schools and the social support systems that help protect them from abuse and neglect. Now more than ever, they and their families, need our help during this time of extreme stress and uncertainty.  Help us continue fighting child abuse with a donation to Help For Children.  Together, despite the challenges that lie ahead as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus, we can make the world a safer place for children. “

-        Renee Skolaski, Executive Director & CEO, Help For Children

In 2001, Help For Children San Francisco, founded by Stephan Vermut and Alison Sanger,  became the second region to join the cause.  Over the years, the group has established a strong local industry presence and has distributed over $9 million through 238 grants.

The San Francisco Committee of Hearts’ signature eventis held every spring, with other fundraising events throughout the year. From inception, the Committee has been fortunate to partner with the San Francisco 49ers Foundation to raise community awareness of both HFC and our mission. 

In 2010, the branch started a Committee of Hope for young professionals looking to get involved with the cause and HFC.  The Committee of Hope hosts an annual Golf Tournament and an annual Poker Tournament; proceeds of this event have contributed to the growth of San Francisco's grant making.  Spearhead by the Bike Committee, ever fall HFC San Francisco hosts a much which awaited annual West Coast Bike ride in Napa Valley.

In 2018, with the formation of Private Equity| Venture Capital Cares, the San Francisco branch will extend its reach across the broader alternative investment community, increasing our ability to provide support to those organizations committed to the protection and healing of children in need. 

Help. Enjoy. Connect.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Sponsors & Benefactors


  • San Francisco Committee of Hearts
    • Diane Barrera, Chair, Angel Island Capital;
    • Eugene Tetlow, Chair, EisnerAmper;
    • Jomellyn Anicete, KPMG;
    • Alan Azar, SF Law;
    • Sharene Badiola, Fastly;
    • Laima Blute;
    • Brittany Cadwalader, Deloitte;
    • Trent Calabretta, Battea;
    • Jessica Castellon, E&Y;
    • Stewart Dagnon, KPMG;
    • Michael Garcia, Greyline Solutions;
    • Chloe Gonzales;
    • Lily Hou, E&Y;
    • Chelsea Jesenik, Deloitte;
    • Kevin Kahan, E&Y;
    • Rose Kelly, Shasta Ventures;
    • Michelle Kim, Greyline Solutions;
    • Kurtis Kuida, E&Y;
    • Jenny Lane, ValueAct Capital;
    • Jenn Nguyen, Angel Island Capital;
    • Matei Odobescu , EisnerAmper;
    • Serena Pham, Prime Meridian Capital Management;
    • Terese Powers, Headlands Capital Advisors;
    • Justin Small, PMI Funds;
    • Heliya Sohrabi, KPMG;
    • Jon Swartz, Innovations PSI;
    • John Vaughan, Symphony Asset Management;
    • Kerry Wong, Scalar Capital;
  • San Francisco Committee of Hope
    • Diane Barrera, Chair, Angel Island Capital;
    • Kerry Wong, Chair, Millennium Trust;
    • Amanda Aguirre, Deloitte;
    • Yusef Alexandrine, Allianz Global Investors;
    • Nikita Anand, Angel Island Capital;
    • Jomellyn Anicete, KPMG;
    • Diane Attersley, HBS;
    • Sharene Badiola, Asymmetry Capital;
    • Brittany Behar, Robert Half;
    • Alex Black, PGIM Real Estate;
    • Karl Burley, Criterion Capital Management;
    • David Byrd, E&Y;
    • Brittany Cadwalader, Deloitte;
    • Trent Calabretta, Battea;
    • Kurt Carlstrom, KPMG;
    • Cari Case, Dragoneer;
    • Jessica Castellon, E&Y;
    • Megan Chastain, Goldman Sachs;
    • Jackie Cooke, Gamble Partners;
    • Savannah Crowley, TeamCo Advisers;
    • Miles Deamer, AlphaFlow;
    • Joe Downs, Evercore ISI;
    • Amy Featherstone, Goldman Sachs;
    • Genna Federighi, WMSHB;
    • Riley FItzgerald, EntrustPermal;
    • Lisa Friedrich, Robert Half;
    • Jennifer Girardier, SS&C;
    • Kelly Golden, UBS;
    • Meaghan Hardy, Criterion Capital Management;
    • Kate Hawkins, J.P. Morgan;
    • Serena Ho, Madrone;
    • Lily Hou, E&Y;
    • Will Jacobsen, Microvest;
    • Marcus Javier, JPMorgan;
    • Kevin Kahan, E&Y;
    • Helen Kang, TPG Public Equity Partners;
    • Rose Kelly, KPMG;
    • Sean Kersten, Vista Equity Partners;
    • Bill Kinney, Withum;
    • Kasee Kinzler, Andersen Tax;
    • Greg Knapp, Maples Fund Services;
    • Brooks Kochman, E&Y;
    • Annie Kong, Greyline Solutions;
    • Kurtis Kuida, E&Y;
    • Regine Labog, S&P Global;
    • Ralph Lafferty, Orbital Insights;
    • Jenny Lane, ValueAct Capital;
    • Amy Le, Iconiq Capital;
    • Marc Leiding, Titan Regulation;
    • Brandon Leitner, Cresa;
    • Mark Li, BPM;
    • Linda Ma, Dorsal Capital Management;
    • Alexandra Marten, JPMorgan;
    • Paul McCrory, E&Y;
    • Tray McCurdy, Lending Home;
    • Mike Moscuzza, Harvest Capital Strategies;
    • Maureen Murphy, Growth Hacks;
    • Jenn Nguyen, Angel Island Capital;
    • Gerardo Nunez, Apple;
    • Matei Odobescu, EisnerAmpe;
    • Gabi Papesh, Greyline Solutions;
    • Terese Powers, Headlands Capital Advisors;
    • Scott Ray, Canalyst;
    • Marko Rustic, PwC;
    • Ankur Shah, KPMG;
    • Mike Smith, In Transition;
    • Jenny Souksavath, Aspen;
    • Scott Stempel, SS&C/Advent;
    • Paulina Strick, SS&C/Advent;
    • Jon Swartz, Innovations PSI;
    • Eugene Tetlow, EisnerAmper;
    • Rob Testa, PwC;
    • John Vaughan, Symphony Asset Management;
    • Kelsey Willock, Goldman Sachs;
    • Laura Wong, Cole-Frieman Mallon;
    • Eric Yip, JPMorgan;
    • Scott Young, In Transition;
    • Inar Zhang, Criterion Capital Management;
  • San Francisco Bike Committee
      • Jeff Bowers , Coastland Capital ;
      • Rose Kelly , Shasta ventures;
      • Kerry Wong , Millennium Trust ;
    • San Francisco PE|VC Cares
      • Eugene Tetlow, Chair, EisnerAmper LLP;
      • David Suozzi, Chair, Shartsis Friese LLP;
      • San Francisco Grants Committee
        • Angela Osborne, Chair, First Republic;
        • Alexis Middle, Vernal Point;
        • Alicia Gavello, Arrow Ridge Capital ;
        • Dara Sue, TriNet;
        • Diane Attersley, HBS;
        • Elisabeth MacKnight, Financial Services and Start-Up Consulting;
        • Elizabeth Matkowski-Hertz, Ernst & Young;
        • Ghufran Rizvi, Standard Pacific;
        • Jeff Bowers, Coastland Capital;
        • Jennifer Lane, ValueAct Capital;
        • Jennifer Pearlman, SF Child Abuse Prev Center;
        • Jim Brody, Sofinnova Ventures, Inc;
        • John Broadhurst, Shartsis Friese LLP ;
        • Lee Overstreet, PwC;
        • Mark Bellias;
        • Michelle White Hopfner, State Street ;
        • Ray Iler, Ernst & Young;
        • Steven Franklin, BPM (Burr Pilger Mayer);
        • Trent Calabretta, Battea Class Action Services;
        • Bill Haggerty, Sentinel Rock Capital, LLC;

      East Bay Children’s Law Offices

      USD $30,000

      East Bay Community Recovery Project

      USD $35,000

      Edgewood Center for Children and Families

      USD $30,000

      First Place for Youth

      USD $30,000

      La Casa de las Madres

      USD $30,000

      Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth

      USD $30,000

      National Center for Youth Law

      USD $23,500

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